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Designed to whiten and helps absorb and remove stains from the surface of your tooth enamel in 24 hours. It does so because it is porous, allowing it to trap substances you don’t want on your teeth. Plus, it has a natural adhesive quality that makes it bind to the things that stain your teeth, like the dental plaque.

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  • Whiten in 24 Hours
  • Help Remove Stains and Discolouration
  • Ideal for Tea, Wine, Coffee and Tobacco Stains
  • No Sensitivity & Harsh
  • Naturally Safe & No Side Effect

Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal, Pearl Powder, Bentonite, Orange Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Sodium Bicarbonate, Strawberry Flavor


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ProductTeeth Whitening Powder
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44 reviews «1 of 6»
Suami pun tegur gigi nampak lebih putih

Selamat pagi, ni gambar selepas 4 hari saya gunakan arilglow natural teeth ni dengan konsisten, memang nampak beza, suami pun tegur gigi nampak lebih putih, tak rugi beli tq ye

Kakak tegur gigi ada perubahan putih

Betol bekesan..kakak saya pun tegor gigi saya ada perubahan putih heheh..memang berkesan nasib baik saya cuba heheheh tq kerana mengesyorkan pemutih gigi serbuk arilglow ni dekat saya

Dijamin bersih, murah dan mudah digunakan

Hai..sy perokok dan gemar minum kopi walaupun begitu kebersihan gigi/mulut sy utamakan..byk iklan2 kat fb mengenai pemutih gg tetapi arilglow juga yg sy pilih sebab ia dijamin bersih, murah dan mudah digunakan..kini masalah sy selesai..terima kasih arilglow

Baru pakai 2 hari dah nampak kesan

Okay jujur ckp sya pkai arilglow nie mmang berksan bru pkai dua hri dah nmpak ksan yang sngt ktara kpd gigi sya..sya rasa arilglow nie bukan produk yng ckp kncng saja tpi dia mmbuktikan keberkesanan kpd gigi sya..hrga sngt brbaloi dngn kualiti produk dia..sya bg 5 bintang

Hari ke-3 terus berkilat dan bersih tanpa plak

Gigi sy dh bersih n syantik..sukaa sgt dgn arilglow guna hri ke 3 truss nmpak berkilat2 n bersih tanpa plug2 kg gg niy..tq arilglow..arilglow terbaikkkk

Baru guna 4 hari gigi kuning semakin pudar

Hi. nak share sikit nih. sebelum guna arilglow hari tu kan, saya try amik gambar dulu taw. Saje laa nak tengok ada perubahan ke idok. Saya guna ni baru je 4 hari. Seronok aihhh dah nampak perubahannya. Gigi kuning tu semakin pudar. Alhamdulillah. Berkesanlah, saya suke sangat dan berpuas hati. Gunanya pun mudah sangat macam kita gosok gigi hari2 tu. arilglow memang tak mengecewakan dan sangat berbaloi. Terma kasih arilglow selesaikan masalah saya!

Baru sekali pakai dah nampak perubahan

Hi..saya dah pakai pagi ni dan terus amik gambar..mmg puas hati!! baru sekali pakai dah nampak perubahan..senang sgt gosok2 je mcm berus gigi..mula2 macam tak percaya..dah pakai baru nampak kesannya tak mengecewakan..gigi dan mulut rasa bersih sangat..kuning pun dh mula pudar..maklumlah semalam minum kopi tarik baek pnya..ni klu pakai sminggu ni lagi kebaboom putihnya..tq arilglow!! 5 bintang sy bg

Makin konfiden nak senyum kat orang lepas ni

Alhamdulillah gna arilglow nii gigi sy dah putih skit..hahaha..confident la skit nk senyum kt org lps ni hohoho..kalu lme2 mcm nii..putih bnyk laa gigi sy hahaha..mudahpun mudah nk gne..gosok mcm biasa jeee..

44 reviews «1 of 6»

How does teeth whitening powder work?

The teeth whitening powder helps absorb and remove stains from the surface of your tooth enamel. It does so because the ingredients is porous, allowing it to trap substances you don’t want on your teeth. Plus, it has a natural adhesive quality that makes it bind to the things that stain your teeth, like the dental plaque.

How long should i brush my teeth with teeth whitening powder?

Cover the top of your wet toothbrush bristles with teeth whitening powder, using a circular motion brush for roughly 2-3 minutes. If you have sensitive teeth, you should try using a soft toothbrush. 4-5 times a week should suffice.

How long does it take for teeth whitening powder to whiten teeth?

Results can vary depending on several factors including your habits as well as the type of stains on your tooth enamel. In most cases, you should see noticeable results after one week of regular use. During this period, its ingredients should help remove exterior stains/discolouration from the surface of your teeth caused by daily food and drink without altering your enamel.

Does teeth whitening powder contain any chemical ingredients?

Some teeth whitening powders do contain chemicals such as synthetic flavours, preservatives, colourants and other chemicals. You should, therefore, read the ingredient on the label of the product to see what the formulation contains. There are teeth whitening powders out there that don’t have any chemicals.

Is teeth whitening powder safe to use on sensitive teeth/gums?

Since your tooth enamel does not regrow or regenerate, using a substance that could potentially wear down the tooth enamel may be detrimental. Therefore it’s important to find a good tooth whitening powder that isn’t too abrasive. The whitening ability of powder is due to its porous nature, but the trouble resides in its abrasiveness. You should check the RDA for the powder to ensure the product isn’t too abrasive. The ISO specification states that toothpaste should not exceed an RDA of 250, which is considered the safe limit for hard tissues, and that toothpaste with an RDA value below 250 is safe for daily use. This RDA threshold applies to powder as well.

Can teeth whitening powder damage the enamel on my teeth?

It depends on the ingredients in the teeth whitening powder. The powder is manufactured in a variety of grades for different industries and product applications, some grades of powder have fine particle sizes whilst others have larger granules. You should avoid powder with larger granules as they could be abrasive.

Can teeth whitening powder be used by people wearing braces?

In the vast majority of cases, you could use teeth whitening powder for teeth if you are wearing braces but you have to use with moderation and brushing should be done lightly with soft bristle toothbrush. It is highly advisable to consult your dentist to ensure teeth whitening powder is appropriate for you.

Does teeth whitening powder replace toothpaste or am i meant to use both?

Teeth whitening powder does not replace your regular toothpaste, therefore, you should be using both as they have different functions. For example, teeth whitening powder helps remove stains from the surface of your tooth enamel but it does not freshen your breath the way a normal toothpaste would.

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